Thompson Hotels Chicago Influencers X Emily Weinstein

Thompson Hotels featured me as a Chicago Influencer on their blog "Upper Stories." In this brief Q+A, I speak about how my love for food developed, what food trends I've noticed popping up in Chicago, and how I would spend an ideal day in this city. 

10 Chicago Instagrammers You Need To Follow

UpOut, an online events and culture guide, featured my Instagram account @weinanddine as one of 10 "Need to Follow" Instagram accounts in Chicago.  

FYI's Food Porn Visits the Duck Inn

Food Porn, one of FYI's newest series, highlights the prevalence and impact food photography and social media have on specific restaurants, chefs and well-known dishes. Food Porn Season 8 featured a photo from my @weinanddine Instagram account of the Duck Inn's duck fat dog. A clip from the show, including the segment with my photo, may be viewed to the right.

The Instagram Travel Guide to...Chicago

I was one of three Instagrammers featured in OZY's "Instagram Travel Guide to Chicago," where I dished out my favorite spots to eat, drink, shop and visit in the Windy City.