First of all: Yes, that is a cinnamon roll with GOAT CHEESE FROSTING. I’m sorry for all caps. I just felt it was necessary.

2 Sparrows seems pretty non-descript from the outside. Located in a strip of shops that all look the same, you might walk right by this breakfast spot on Diversey. If you do find yourself strolling down that stretch (between Clark and Sheridan), keep a look out for an orange banner on the glass windows. An orange banner with little sparrows, because what else would you expect?

Take a step inside and you’re instantly greeted with the smell of freshly baked doughnuts and other breakfast goodies. Oh, you’ll be greeted by a hostess, too, but let’s be real – we’re more concerned with the food.

The décor is simple, yet modern. Reclaimed wood-paneled walls are peppered with large, colorful abstract paintings. Small orange lamps hang over the tables and seem to draw out the orange from the artwork. Notice a theme here? Orange. Good job.

Ok, so enough about the way it looks. We’re here for the food. 2 Sparrows offers a range of breakfast items from your traditional eggs and bacon to your not-so-traditional pork belly breakfast sandwich. Although, let’s be real, nothing here is “traditional.” And I’m alright with it.

Start off with a baked good. Forget the cals, you can go to the gym later. I’ve already told you about their cinnamon roll with goat cheese frosting. If you want one of those, you need to get there early, because they do run out. If you’re not feeling the goat cheese frosting (which I don’t know why you wouldn’t be), go for the maple bacon doughnut. I mean, bacon + doughnut. What else do you need to know? Or, if you’re just not a doughnut person, no worries. They have homemade pop tarts. Yep. 2 Sparrows changes their menu to match the season, so don’t be surprised if your favorite pop tart is there one day, and gone the next. Flavors range from mushroom & goat cheese to pumpkin & spice glaze. Yum.

Alright, on to the savory! As I said, 2 Sparrows has your staples like eggs benedict and French toast, but they really mix it up with dishes like shrimp & grits and chile relleno. Not used to shrimp and grits for breakfast? Neither am I, but I’ll take it. While the shrimp and grits were not the most flavorful item on the menu, they’re a comforting dish to start off your morning.

Looking for something with more pizzazz? Go for the chilaquiles. Don’t know what chilaquiles are? No worries, I didn’t either until I lived with a Texan. Think nachos meet scrambled eggs, except in this case they’re sunny side farm fresh eggs! Sounds strange? It’s delicious. Especially with the fire roasted tomatillo salsa and anaheim aioli. Oh, and did I mention you can add shredded chicken or chorizo? Yes, yes you can.

2 Sparrows also serves lunch. Featuring items like a salmon BLT and mac ‘n’ cheese. But, if you’re headed into this joint, I’d say go for the breakfast. You wont be disappointed. Best part? 2 Sparrows serves breakfast daily until 3 pm. So you can get your breakfast fix in, even after we’ve transitioned well past lunchtime.